About Sally's Shed

Sally Atkins is a craft artist who lives in Lichfield with the 'Big Man' and their cats Jack and Jill.

My artwork is based on the recognisable and the familiar, the buildings and streets that existed in our childhood, in the dream village we would love to live. It is nostalgic and stirs memories of happy holidays and sunny times.

I take the unloved, discarded and washed up wood as my basis for each piece, letting the wood be integral to the story I am telling. Then I take my paint brush and create the scene using only the happy colours, the colours that bring joy and a smile of recognition of times past or times yet to be.

The painting is the core component of my work, stemming from the very beginning of my artistic endeavours, from my childhood when I would draw and paint for hours, creating naive village scenes and seaside promenades.

I am exploring other found items and introducing them to my work. Orphan tea plates, discarded wooden utensils and tools, or tired worn out books. Each with a story to tell, each saved from the landfill.

I tend to work in ranges to reflect the natural colours and themes of the seasons, as well as the ebb and flow of time passing.

Sally x

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